Metabolism of Cities

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= "The Metabolism of Cities website collects information useful to researchers involved in Urban Metabolism (UM) research". [1]



"At the open source Metabolism of Cities website we want to create a database with urban metabolism data and indicators. That is, we plan to examine a variety of research studies that have calculated particular values (material extraction, emissions, construction material use, imports, exports, etc.) for an urban/provincial region. The metabolism indicators will also take into account energy, water, air pollution as well as urban characteristics indicators. By creating one large masterlist of these values it is much easier for other researchers to see what values are out there and to compare their own data to other studies. We aim to do this at different spatial scales as well: region, city, municipalities, ... With this big masterlist it will therefore also become possible to identify indicators for resource use and pollution emission."

More information

  • see: Online Material Flow Analysis Tool (OMAT): "a free, open source tool that assists researchers in undertaking an MFA. It allows for data to be loaded into an online database, with easy options for collaboration and data management. Data sets can be kept private or can be publicly shared."