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Rubén Alonso:

"This is the web based tool, an online platform that provides services to groups of people interested in undertaking self-managed housing projects.

The project is conceived as an online framework that enables the spreading and promotion of alternative options to the mainstream way of acquiring a home, which has basically been private real estate development leading to individual home ownership. What does is explore and support housing models that strive towards collective formulas of production, possession and use. Some of these models have had a long standing in other countries and are beginning to take hold as pioneer samples in Spain.

Given the current economic hardships, collective processes for housing projects, of which the main precedent in Spain is found in the cooperative experiences of the 20th century, represent a path to acquiring a home by facing up to the challenge collectively. At the same time, communal functional issues, control over design and management decisions create new potentialities, making new resources, spaces and common services available. The goal of this project is to create an online space in which individuals and groups that are interested in beginning or joining collective processes for housing projects can find information and advice regarding existing options, the different requirements that might exist and the phases of the process. It also allows people to come in contact with one another in order to share experiences, exchange success stories (as well as failures), all within a collective learning space. strives to become a network that, at local levels, puts in contact people who might be interested in all of this with groups that may be able to help them out. All software created for this Project is published under a MIT free license and can be used freely. "

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