Masculine Realism

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Alex Ebert:

"Masculine realism, wherein the only possible conception of feminine power is the Marlboro man.

Masculine realism must be taken far more seriously than it is. The matriarchy movement at present is utterly hypnotized by masculinity, falling over itself to claim positions on the Titanic of late capitalist solipsism and extraction.

Not dissimilar to woke’s failure to account for the true systemicity of “whiteness” as a compensation wage for the slave wage labor of whites, feminists still can’t see that the systemicity of “patriarchy” is precisely what they’re lobbying to entrain themselves with. A woman CEO today means nothing other than that a woman has mastered masculinity. Capitalism is a purely masculine variant of economics, pure competition.

The only heroines we are presented with today are hard women playing hard games. From Calamity Jane to Kill Bill to Margaret Thatcher. Cooooool.

Power has been masculinezed such that the only strength imaginable to most women, never mind men, is masculinity. Hard exterior, hard core. Talk about a LARP.

The moment we all come to understand softness as power - judo, water, air, flow, the tensile strength of soft pussies trumping the breakable cock - masculine realism will finally crack in the west. Until then, it’s just one laborious pendular swing from masculine to masculine."

(Intellectual-Deep-Web mailing list, June 2022)