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Rawn Shaw:

"Market Networks combine some of the most successful ideas of scalable online commerce. James Currier described the concept in TechCrunch as combining the capabilities of transactions across multiple buyers and sellers (e.g., eBay, AirBnb, Craigslist), with network identities and relationships (e.g., LinkedIn, Xing, or ConnectUp), and collaborative workflows (e.g., Podio).

The real gem is the ability to construct complex and context-specific business arrangements across multiple partners, not just scaling individual transactions repeatedly. Think of it as a future version of business processes, serving in an N-sided market of multiple partners and service organizations. Re-envision how we businesses provide services, and we are on the way to reimagining how businesses can be structured, how people are employed, how relationships matter, and how to delight customer and deliver to their increasingly complex needs.

Like assembly lines and transactions were the hallmarks of the Production Economy of the Industrial age, a concept like Market networks is a child of the Services Economy. The world has been long been moving (since 1900) towards Services economies as the mainstay replacing Production-based and Agriculture-based ones (per data from the International Labor Organization)." (