Maria Chehonadskih on Bogdanov's Theory of Organization

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"Maria Chehonadskih, the Max Hayward Visiting Fellow at St. Anthony’s College, Oxford University ... will present on “The Convergence of People, Things and Ideas: Alexander Bogdanov and the Problem of Organisation in Early Soviet Theory and Art”

In early 1920s Alexander Bogdanov proposes to understand society as a triple unity of people (economy), things (technics) and ideas (ideology). The mutual articulation of economic, technical and ideological forms constitutes a chain connection where people, things and ideas form interdependency. This formula expresses in simple and accessible terms Bogdanov’s concept of the convergence of forms, a core principle in his theory of organisation. By examining the concept of convergence, I will focus on the problem of interdependency in Soviet theory to demonstrate how Bogdanov establishes a new environmental understanding of social totality.