Marcus Salvagno

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= "social" documentary maker in Melbourne, Australia, a member of the Peer Productions team


"Marcus Salvagno is a video artist, filmmaker and polyglot. After studying a Diploma of New Media Art at Swinburne University of Technology, he spent the most part of 6 years filming in various locations in Southeast Asia. In Timor-Leste he completed two feature length documentaries, contributed video work to a number of community development projects and in 2008 formed an abstract hip-hop collective by the name of Hakat Metan. A native of Melbourne, Australia, he has also contributed video work to Indian and Cambodian community development projects and in 2010 was part of joint exhibition in Indonesia’s prestigious Taman Budaya Yogyakarta Gallery, working in the medium video. With a vibrant passion for elegance, meaning and justice in his work, Marcus is a stubbornly prolific digital media artist. He is currently living in Melbourne and pursuing further higher education, this time with a Community Development focus to continually marry his interests of social justice, language and cinematography."