Marc Halevy on the Five Cultural Basins

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Marc Halevy:

"The eight emerging "continents" are categorized into five major cultural basins:

  • the Judeo-Helleno-Christian world
    • The biblical basin: Euroland, Angloland, Latinoland and Russoland .
  • the Confucian-Taoist world
    • The Sinic Basin: Sinoland.
  • the Hinduist-Buddhisto-Shivaic world
    • The Vedic Basin: Indoland ().
  • The soul basin: Afroland (a mosaic of beliefs).
  • The Koranic basin: Islamiland (a mosaic of interpretations).

Each of these basins sins by incoherence and incohesion, with very variable degrees from one to another.

Moreover, as Islam was born from a heterodox Arabian Christianity, the relationship between the biblical basin and the Koranic basin induces a kind of antagonistic contiguity between "enemy cousins".

Basically, from a strictly metaphysical point of view:

  1. The biblical basin posits an transcendable dualism.
  2. The Koranic basin poses a radical dualism.
  3. The Sinic Basin posits a monism of Becoming.
  4. The Vedic basin posits a monism of the Being.
  5. The soul basin poses a naturalistic pluralism.

These five metaphysical postures can, without too many problems, be seen as partial and biased expressions of the same universal panentheism. But this synthesis (to which the Sinic vision is closest, with the Heraclitean, Kabbalistic, Stoic, Sufi and Johannine schools) is only possible beyond all singular beliefs and at the highest mystical and initiatory level."