María Perulero

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Projects coordinator at Degree in Advertising and Public Relations by the University of Málaga. Member of the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing open source platform, where I perform tasks of advice and support for open crowdfunding campaigns, coordination of cloudfunding calls, product development, training workshops, and representing and promoting the platform nationally and internationally and now, more and more, coordinating projects and actions for the internalization of the platform.

Apart from Goteo, I have various experiences in the field of communication for NGOs and online marketing and I have participated in the development and coordination of projects related to information technology and digital culture, such as the Traducciones Procomun project, in the context of the Commons Lab in Medialab-Prado, a collaborative translation of works related to the generation of knowledge in the digital environment, intellectual property and free software. I am an active supporter of the principles of the movement for free culture and knowledge and free access to information.

I am also quite interested in emerging models and economic sustainability practices around commons oriented project, a topic I began to explore in January of 2013 through the workstation 'Commons Economies' in Medialab-Prado, citizen laboratory for digital culture and social innovation based in Madrid, addressing and exploring topics line cryptomoney, cooperativism, collaborative economy, crowdfunding, etc.