Maori Business Philosophy

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by Nancy Tuaine:

"Maori Businesses and Organisations are often intergenerational and the strategic vision has been set in history or created to establish a future for the next generation. The vision is often framed by culture and tradition and whakatauki - proverbs are commonly used to inspire and motivate followers. 'He Ao Apopo, He Ao Tea' this whakatauki or proverb by Rangtitakuku Metekingi, Whanganui describes that 'Tomorrow is a new day and the new day will bring clarity'. It encourages us to keep going, to stay motivated and that the answer will come in time.

Practice is based on the cultural value system that is founded in respect so ensures that employees are treated well, and valued. These foundations encourage a culture where employees are engaged and inspired to perform not just for personal rewards but for the recognition of collective achievement and commitment to a broader philosophy of achievement for the business, organisation or people.

Values such as:

Manaaki to show respect or kindness

Aroha to show care, empathy, charity and respect

Kaitiakitanga which includes stewardship, guardianship and wise use of resources

Hapai to uplift others

Mahi Tahi working together

Kotahitanga collectivity and united in purpose" (