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= Coordinated Open source Maker projects to tackle Hospital/staff needs in time of crisis: 3D printed medical devices spare parts, masks...



by Catherine Villeret:

"An attempt to make a repository of Maker initiatives and document solutions to support hospital needs during the Pandemic Crisis/with everyone at home.

Documenting urgent needs both universal and local that reanimation services and healthcare providers are facing during the pandemic crisis: technical and detailed descriptions of problems and parts, mandatory materials and procedures, safety concerns.

3D Parametric Model Designs coordination groups, Medical devices Engineering support group

Files and tutorials for digital fabrication (included 3D printers) to make items to offer to local hospitals.

What solutions to get access to filament for 3D printers and other consumables to make the parts. Crowdfunding/ Donations/ Filament and materials factories' support. Strategies, contacts, processes and feedback.

Documenting process to organise 3D printing volunteers to actually print and dispatch the parts in their local hospitals.

For now, this initiative is launched from France and will be documented both in English and French (in French first and translated then in JOGL)." (

More information

A pad has been started here:

We are trying to coordinate through a whats app group for now: