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= documentary about the do it yourself renaissance, on the occasion of the Austin Makers fair in 2008



"Makers is a short subject documentary, filmed at Austin's Maker Faire, 2007, about the people behind the do-it-yourself counterculture and their inventions.

You'll see a life-sized MouseTrap game, a live performance of the EepyBird Diet Coke & Mentos Experiments, and some amazing footage of inventions of all shapes and sizes - some of them going wrong in unpredictable and dangerous ways. Featuring Adam Savage

Makers is the first project of Blogphilo New Media. All subjects are filmed with full permission.

For information on how to obtain a DVD copy, a High Definition copy, or for information about distribution rights for broadcast or inclusion in a larger work, contact Brian Boyko, the producer and director, at [email protected]

If you would like to use a clip from Makers in your own projects, the movie is available to NON-COMMERCIAL projects under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Commercial entities looking at obtaining the rights to sample or incorporate the work should contact [email protected]

I would be interested in turning this project into a feature-length film if funded. I believe there's much more to be uncovered.

Running Time: 26:40, Format: 1024x576 pixels (can be squeezed to PAL anamorphic)

Filmed on HDV, Canon HV20, post-production in Apple Final Cut Pro." (