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= Virtual Worlds focused on learning and training environments


"MMOLE" stands for "Massively Multiple On Line Education", a term adapted from MMORPG ("Massively multiplayer online role-playing game").

MMOLE education environments are using 3D video game Virtual Worlds technology for education.


Second Life

Second Life with Nintendo Wii

Using Second life in combination with Nintendo Wii instruments as a platform for interactive simulation


This is a Mash-up] of Open Source Software Moodle education platform (written in PHP and MySQL), and the Second life virtual environment

Open Croquet

  • Official Croquet Consortium Website/Wiki
  • Wikipedia:Croquet_project
  • Arts Metaverse, an immersive 3-D virtual environment, provides an opportunity for scholars, teachers, students, and interested individuals to create and share their own virtual space with others. Developed by the University of British Columbia’s Arts Instructional Support & Information Technology unit, Arts Metaverse is based on the open-source Croquet platform.


Open source 3D platform that can be integrated into an integrated Content Management System.


Empowerment is a revolutionary new game that makes changing the world addictively fun. Gamers experience both real training in useful skills and real recruiting opportunities to take real action and join groups or start new ones.This project plan details how the game is being developed and how you can contribute.

Platinum Arts Sandbox For those not familiar with Platinum Arts Sandbox, it is the sandbox game that is easy enough for kids to use but fun for everyone! Your imagination is the limit as far as worlds you can create. Kids and adults alike are finding sandbox a fun and easy tool to make worlds quickly and easily in real time!