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= a ‘health data cooperative’.

URL = http://midata.coop/


MIDATA, [1], is a ‘health data cooperative’ started in 2015. MIDATA.coop enables citizens to securely store, manage and control access to their personal data by helping them to establish and own national/regional not-for-profit MIDATA cooperatives. MIDATA cooperatives act as the fiduciaries for their members’ data. MIDATA offers a platform on which user-members can securely store copies of their medical records, genomes, and mHealth data. Members might decide to give their physicians access to all personal data through the platform. In contrast, a not-for-profit cancer research institute could be given access to only medical and dietary information. Members could deny access to a for-profit drug company. Members’ revenues from the sale of data are donated to public research." (https://publicseminar.org/essays/data-cooperatives-for-pandemic-times/)