MBA in Participatory Economics

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Project Status


Project Description

The purpose of this is to develop an actionable approach to offering a graduate (or other) program in Participatory Economics/ Social Entrepreneurship. Besides developing course content and pedagogy, the project would also identify sympathetic institutions in corporate, voluntary, government and other sectors for possible job openings for potential graduates.

Project Team



Course Outline

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New Heroes

Kailash Satyarthi: South Asian Coalition on Child Servitude (SACCS) Works to end forced child labor in South Asia.

Moses Zulu Development Aid from People to People in Zambia (Children's Town) Educates and integrates AIDS orphans in Africa.

Mimi Silbert: Delancey Street Foundation Criminal rehabilitation center in which residents run various business enterprises.

David Green and Dr. V: Aurolab Hospital and manufacturer of medical devices serving poor people, mainly in India.

Nick Moon and Martin Fisher Appropriate Technology for Enterprise Creation (ApproTEC) Manufactures and markets simple agricultural tools that aid in business development in Africa.

Fabio Rosa Agroelectric System of Appropriate Technology (STA) and The Institute for Development of Natural Energy and Sustainability (IDEAAS) Distributes alternative energy sources in rural Brazil.

Muhammad Yunus: Grameen Bank Grants small loans without requiring collateral.

Maria Teresa Leal: Coopa Roca Brazilian sewing cooperative.

Albina Ruiz: Ciudad Saludable Alternative waste management organization in Peru.

Dina Abdel Wahab: Baby Academy Alternative preschool chain in Middle East.

Inderjit Khurana: Ruchika School Social Service Wing, Train Platform Schools Educational opportunity for indigent children in India.

Sompop Jantraka Development and Education Program for Daughters Community Center (DEPDC) Education and socialization program for girls and women in Thailand who would otherwise be forced into prostitution.

Harvard Social Enterprise Program

Skoll Center for Social Entrepreneurship at Oxford Business School

Social Enterprise Coalition

Stanford Business School - Social Innovation

Columbia Business School - Social Enterprise