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MAPPS / M.A.P.P.S. -- Multi-laterally Assured Pervasive Permanent Sur-/Sous-veillance.

Doctrine-concept coined and formulated by Philippe Van Nedervelde [1]. The acronym refers to and aims to supplant the Cold War era doctrine of M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) with a doctrine which aims to act as an effective deterrent of large-scale armed conflict. The MAPPS doctrine aims to do so not by virtue of a bi-lateral virtual parity of nuclear destructive capability as with M.A.D. in the Cold War era, but by a multi-lateral virtual parity of pervasive and permanent informational / intelligence capability realized by means of the anticipated development of extremely fine-grained intelligence gathering capability presumed to be in the form of nanotech-based so-called "Smart Dust" localizers. (See AetherWire, Inc. [2], Dust Networks, Inc. [3] and Panoptic Systems, Inc. [4]) The core concept / assumption is that if Everybody has Eyes & Ears Everywhere, then everyone is effectively stripped of the opportunity to plan and deploy any large-scale, organized armed aggressions against anyone else. The fulL MAPPS white-paper will be available here [placeholder to near-future link].

A.k.a. by the "Four E's": Everybody has Eyes & Ears Everywhere -- a sousveillance[5]-favoring mnemonic coined by the same author.