Lucas Plan Requirements for Human Technology

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Cited by Graham Seaman [1]:

"The Lucas Plan shopping list:

1. The process by which the product is identified and designed is itself an important part of the total process.

2. The means by which it is produced, used and repaired should be non-alienating.

3. The nature of the product should be such as to render it as visible and understandable as possible while compatible with its performance requirements.

4. The product should be designed in such a way as to make it repairable.

5. The process of manufacture, use and repair should be such as to conserve energy and materials.

6. The manufacturing process, the manner in which the product is used, and the form of its repair and final disposal should be ecologically desireable and sustainable.

7. Products should be considered for their long-term characteristics rather than short-term ones.

8. The nature of the products and their means of production should be such as to help and liberate human beings rather than constrain, control and physically or mentally damage them.

9. The product should asssist cooperation between people as producers and consumers, and between nation states, rather than induce primitive competition.

10. Simple, safe, robust design should be regarded as a virtue rather than complex 'brittle' systems.

11. The product and processes should be such that they can be controlled by human beings rather than the reverse.

12. The product and processes should be regarded as important more in respect of their use value than their exchange value.

13. The products should be such as to assist minorities, disadvantaged groups, and those materially and otherwise deprived.

14. Products for the Third World which provide for mutually non-exploitative relationships with the developed countries are to be advocated.

15. Products and process should be regarded as part of culture, and as such meet the cultural, historical and other requirements of those who will build and use them.

16. In the manufacture of products, and in their use and repair, one should be concerned not merely with production, but with the reproduction of knowledge and competence." (


Book: The Lucas Plan, Allison & Busby 1982, by Hilary Wainwright & Dave Elliott