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"Lorenza Victoria Salati holds a masters degree in Political Sciences (with focus on economic history and visual anthropology) and a specialisation at the School of Cinema and New Media of Milan. She has developed methods derived using visual anthropology as a support to the self-perception of individuals as change makers. Lorenza was formerly a documentary filmmaker and explored agricultural and ethnic issues in Africa (Burkina Faso, Mozambique, Senegal). Since then she has been considering the new communication needs that have arisen from the opportunities offered by the Web 3.0. She has also investigated new forms of expression and innovative methods of storytelling. She has made many documentaries and is the co-author of several books. Lorenza is the co-founder of the Italian firm Osun WES and is the co-owner of a German based company specialising in technological tools to support collaborative projects. She is one of the founders and vice-president of R84 Multifactory Mantova." (https://www.academia.edu/41043179/THE_RISE_OF_COMMUNITY_ECONOMY_From_Coworking_Spaces_to_the_Multifactory_Model)

More information

Email: [email protected]

See the report on: Multifactory Models for the Community Economy


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