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Liology Institute:

"Liology (pronounced lee-ology) is a word made up from the Chinese word “li,” which means “the organizing principles” and “ology” which is the Greek-derived word for “study.” So liology means “the study of the organizing principles.”

You might ask: the organizing principles of what? The answer: everything. The complete set of dynamic patterns that make up our entire universe - what the traditional Chinese called the Tao." (


The Liology Institute:

"Instead of the conventional view that our human existence is split between mind and body, liology sees our human organism as an integrated whole, where our thoughts are embodied and our bodies possess an intrinsic intelligence.

Liology sees no fundamental split between rigorous science and the source of meaning in life. Instead, it sees current findings in systems biology and complexity science as pointing the way to understanding our place within the infinitely complex and mysterious natural world in which we have evolved.

Instead of the conventional search for a transcendent source of meaning, liology finds the most profound meaning in life arising from our intrinsic connectedness with every cell and integrated system within our own bodies and with every living entity in the natural world in which we are embedded.

Liology offers a new form of understanding our place in the cosmos with embodied knowledge - knowledge that arises not just from the intellect but from our felt experience that harmonizes intellection and intuition.

Liology recognizes no distinction between embodied knowledge and action, leading to an understanding that our ethics arise ultimately from our intrinsic connectivity with the natural world.

Liology sees humanity as a fractal entity within the natural system of the earth and as such, it impels us to find a sustainable way of existing on the earth in order to thrive.

Liology embraces traditional practices such as meditation and qigong/tai-chi, as well as modern techniques of interpersonal skills and energy management to develop a more integrated experience of our human connectivity.

The core values of liology are love, harmony and kindness."