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"The Linux Game Tome was started by Tessa Lau in 1995 when the phrase "Linux game" meant either sasteroids or xtetris. She culled the best games from sunsite's Linux games directories, scoured the net for classic X11 games, and put together a compendium of amusing ways to waste time. After two years of regular updates, the Tome started to sprout cobwebs as its creator lost interest in downloading the latest and greatest in Linux entertainment.

Bob Zimbinski felt the absence of the resource, so in 1998 he contacted Ms. Lau and created a new Linux Game Tome around the original data. The new Linux Game Tome went online with just over 100 games in its catalog. At this writing (December 2002), the database contains just under 1000 games and game-related items. The Linux Game Tome has also grown to include a user rating system, active discussion forums, and an IRC channel." (