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= marketplace for 3D Printing 'prints'

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"To simplify the printing of another’s piece, Teleport It 3D was created. Instead of downloading files, users share “prints” that are pre-sliced on a server. But the system isn’t just about simplification, it’s also about protection. When someone downloads an .stl, they can modify it and print it as many times as they like. With a “print,” however, g-code is sent directly to the printer so the file creator’s work is preserved as is. The developers of Teleport It, Max Friefeld, Oliver Ortlieb, and Jonathan Schwartz, wanted the system to allow makers and designers to sell their work without losing control of it, so they made a marketplace called Layer By Layer.

The system is designed to protect both designers and users. As such, all prints are covered by a Printability Guarantee, so that if for whatever reason a print doesn’t complete, then another “print” will be allowed until it is completed. And each print includes estimated print time and material usage. By optimizing files for printing, the marketplace becomes very streamlined." (