Lawrence Lessig Podcasts and Webcasts on Free Culture

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Podcast 1

This classic presentation on free culture, though dated, has been strongly recommended.


"The master of the simple slides shows us how it’s done. And since, as he says, this is his 100th time for this talk, he has this bad boy down solid. Even though this talk is from 2002, his slide presentation style is still as fresh today as Axe Body Spray." ()

Podcast 2

2004 interview for Massive Change Radio Active.


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"Lawrence Lessig. January 20, 2004: WIRED magazine wrote this about Lawrence Lessig in the Fall of 2002: "In the realm of Internet politics and law, no one even approaches Lessig's stature. He is the chief theorist, the most respected mind, the most passionate speechifier. He is cyberlaw." He talks on MC Radio about the current war on free code and free culture, the Creative Commons, his books Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace and The Future of Ideas, and how rearchitecting the Net is destroying innovation and creativity."

Podcast 3


Features a history of copyright and the reasoning behind the Creative Commons license.

Podcast 4

Keynote address on 'free culture' for the Glocom conference.


General theme: Intellectual Property Rights in the Information Age: Protection or Sharing?

Podcast 5

Keynote address at Wikimania 2006

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Two Free Culture movies recommended by Lessig on his own site at