Lawrence Lessig on Open Source

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""Fight!" exhorts Professor Lawrence Lessig as he rallies the open source community in what he calls the war against monopolistic businesses. How is this war affecting the culture of innovation? How do you need to defend your right to innovate? Hear Professor Lessig lay bare with his powerful arguments the stories behind the defining milestones of this war starting with the historic 1976 Sony Betamax judgment, in his keynote talk at the OSBC 2005.

Is supporting freedom tantamount to supporting piracy? What position should you be taking on this? What roles do the congress and courts play? Are the lobbyists and lawyers even trying to solve the problems or happy to live in this candyland of every increasing litigation?

Why is free software and wireless access being hit by nearly a billion dollars of big business money? Why are the lessons of community welfare being forgotten and the bogey of the welfare state being raised? How is the symbol of anti-monopoly, the penguin, achieving its astonishing success? Is the GPL really unfair to developing nations as Jonathan Schwartz says?

Plenty of questions and passionate answers; answers that will lead to an age that you define through the technologies that you build."

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