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"The “Las Indias Club” is a non-profit association that, since 2014, has been dedicated to creating spaces for learning, debate, and knowledge, strengthening the appearance of innovative social and technological projects that drive communal cultural and economic development, always prioritizing the use of free software and distributed structures.

Our origins:

The “Las Indias Club” continues the tradition that the Cyberpunk movement in Spanish started in 1989, which was developed through the associations of (2002-2006) and the “Library of the Electronic Indies,” founded in 2004 to cover the activities of cooperation and cultural development that, then centered on the defense of civil rights on the Internet, wasn’t already covering.

With a long history already behind us, in 2014, we called a first international meeting that laid out the conclusion that we had entered in a new stage marked by a change in the scale and scope of productive forms. All the banners we had flown for decades: distributed networks, free software, the globalization of the small… were producing a change in ways of producing wealth and knowledge in which the center was no longer in nations or in big businesses, but rather in small groups and communities that are empowered by a new knowledge commons and the possibility of moving in broader and broader markets. The result was the re-founding of the association with its current name at a new international conference: Somero 2015.

Our activities: In the “Las Indias Club,” we organize a minimum of two gatherings, presentations, or debates a month throughout the whole year. The topics vary from more “techie” ones, like programming languages for children or the development of bots, to poetic soirees.

In October 2016, we will also begin a series of “Europeista” gatherings around the news published on, and once a year, we host GNU social Camp, a meeting of developers with whom we collaborate on the creation of free tools for the distributed web." (