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= research institute in Rome, Italy, instrumental in advancing urban commons policies and approaches

See also: The Laboratory for the Governance of the Commons

Directory of Projects

Compiled by Rok Kranjc:

  • Co-City project Turin

May 2020 Report:

The use of innovative ICT platforms, such as the urban social network First Life under development by the University of Turin, and the active collaboration of the network of the Neighborhood Houses (Case del Quartiere) are contributing to combine the virtual and physical dimension, involving different types of users in the central areas of the city as well as in the suburbs in this wide action of urban regeneration to fight poverty and social exclusion.

  • CIVIC eState (Iaione)

The network purpose is to transfer through adaptation the Good Practice of the City of Naples, Lost & Found. This Transfer network aims at guaranteeing the collective enjoyment as well as collective management of urban essential facilities conceived as urban commons. This public-community governance approach will secure fair and open access, participatory decision-making, sustainability and preservation for the benefit of future generations.

Partners: Naples Italy (Lead Partner), Gdańsk Poland, Barcelona Spain, Amsterdam Netherlands, Ghent Belgium, Iași Romania, Presov Slovakia

More information

  • 2020, Transfer Plans for urban Commons Policies

  • 2020, Civic eState-Legal Principles and Tools for Urban Commons Policies