La Borda Cooperative Housing in Catalonia

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* Article: La Borda: A case study on the implementation of Cooperative Housing in Catalonia. By Eduard Cabré and Arnau Andrés. Journal of Housing Policy on 27 July 2017

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"This article takes a close look at La Borda, a housing cooperative being developed in Barcelona. The article encompasses the economic and social context in which the housing initiative emerged, the organizational features that define the cooperative, and its origins in the process of urban renewal of the former industrial site of Can Batlló. The article also analyzes its current development and its potential for scalability. Drawing on Moulaert’s definition of social innovation, the authors argue that La Borda goes beyond the mere provision of housing to include public participation as a key component of the model. The Andel Model for cooperative housing is presented as the main source of inspiration for La Borda's model, including its roots in the social and cooperative economy and the role of the cession of use housing tenure. The article concludes there are reasons to believe La Borda will succeed in providing long-term affordable housing while engaging its residents in its daily management. The authors consider the suitability of La Borda's model elsewhere to be dependent on the economic, social and political context in which it is implemented."