LO3 Energy TransActive Grid Platform

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= the TAG platform

URL = http://lo3energy.com/transactive-grid/


"LO3 Energy’s TransActive Grid (TAG) platform, made up of blockchain and other software components, enables new business models to be applied to the large and rapidly growing distributed grid and transactive energy space.

LO3 Energy has developed a proprietary blockchain platform. Blockchain is a digital ledger that simultaneously shares, updates, and distributes information without the need for a central storage facility, or ledger, for data.

The LO3 Energy blockchain is a purpose-built and energy market-specific variation. The TAG platform is a combination of blockchain-based software solutions, supporting “smart” applications, and the computing hardware the blockchain network runs on.

The TAG platform enables peer-to-peer energy transactions (first transactions in April, 2016) with both parties privy to the exact same information, potentially eliminating the need for energy intermediaries, enabling energy producers to sell directly to consumers, as well as allowing automated, economically-triggered, control of DERs for grid balancing, demand response, emergency management, and other uses." (http://lo3energy.com/transactive-grid/)