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= an open network for people interested in the sharing economy, based in Germany

URL = http://www.kokonsum.org/


Cat Johnson:

"Based in Germany, KoKonsum is an open network for people interested in the sharing economy. The organization seeks to give visibility to existing, as well as new, sharing economy startups, and initiatives that everybody can be part of.

“In my opinion, the sharing economy is going to be a major driver for a new kind of economy we are heading towards,” says Daniel Bartel, founder of KoKonsum. “Collaborative Consumption will disrupt many industries, help tackle environmental problems, empower people to fulfill their dreams and build a new sense of trust.”

He emphasizes the importance of trust and reputation in moving the sharing economy forward saying, “Only in trusted peer networks is it possible to carefully share ones things with others. This doesn’t mean that you need to know everyone personally, but it is important that you have a reputation of being trustworthy.” (http://www.shareable.net/blog/the-rise-of-the-sharing-communities)