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= advocates of Sortition in politics and elections, and randomized selection and lottery in human affairs

URL = http://equalitybylot.wordpress.com/


"Equality-by-lot is the blog of the Kleroterians. The Kleroterians are an informal group interested in the deliberate use of randomness (lottery) in human affairs. There are two main areas of interest: Its use in Governance (sortition) and Distribution. The aim of this blog is to provide a discussion and information forum for ourselves, but also a ‘shop-window’ for our ideas.

Membership as a Contributor is open to all ‘Kleroterians’ plus others we might agree to. A Contributor is someone who can post an article onto the blog." (http://equalitybylot.wordpress.com/about/)

Key Book to Read

More Information

  1. Sortition


  • The Nature and Use of Lotteries, Thomas Gataker (ed. Conall Boyle) (1627, 2008)
  • Election by lot at Athens, James Wycliffe Headlam (1891)
  • Is democracy possible? The alternative to electoral politics, John Burnheim (1985)
  • A Citizen Legislature, A modest proposal for the random selection of legislators, Ernest Callenbach and Michael Phillips (1985, 2008)
  • Justice by Lottery, Barbara Goodwin (1992, 2005)
  • The Athenian Option, Radical reform for the House of Lords, Anthony Barnett and Peter Carty (1998, 2008)
  • Random selection in politics, Lyn Carson & Brian Martin (1999)
  • A People’s Parliament, Keith Sutherland (2008) (pub in 2004 as The Party’s Over: Blueprint for a very English revolution)
  • The Political Potential of Sortition, Oliver Dowlen (2008)
  • Sortition: Theory and Practice, Oliver Dowlen and Gil Delannoi (Editors) (2010)


  • a 1972 article in the journal “Public Choice” that proposed sortition for legislatures; issue 12 titled: REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY VIA RANDOM SELECTION by Dennis C. Mueller, Robert D. Tollison, and Thomas D. Willett (access the article online for free by registering on SpringerLink here: