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= UK-based initiative for social care:


Contextual Citation

Joost Beunderman:

"we know how public service innovators like the charity Keyring are opening up the care system for vulnerable adults in ways that are crucial for the future of our public services – creating volunteer-led neighbourhood networks that enable skills sharing and resource sharing between vulnerable adults and the wider community" (


"KeyRing's support is based on people living in their own homes but sharing their skills and talents with each other and with their communities.

We have a volunteer in each Network. The volunteer sees Members regularly and helps the group work together. The volunteer is like a good neighbour who will help out if difficulties arise. Because the volunteer lives in the community, they know what's going on and are able to help Members make links.

We also have Community Support Workers and Supported Living Managers who make sure that Members get the support they need.

KeyRing believes that Community Connections are very important. We encourage people to make good links in their neighbourhood. Our Members have saved lives, campaigned for street lights and run neighbourhood improvement campaigns.

Our Small Sparks fund enables Members with an idea for their community to get a bit of funding to make things happen." (

How It Works

"A supported living Network is made up of 10 ordinary homes. People who need support live in 9 of them. These people are KeyRing Members. They help each other out and meet up regularly.

A Community Living Volunteer lives in the 10th home. The Volunteer is a person who helps Members out. They help with things like reading bills, forms and letters. The volunteer supports Members to explore what’s going on in their neighbourhood and get involved.

If Members need more support, there are paid workers that they can call. These workers can help if Members want to do something that will take more time. They will take Members' ideas seriously." (