Kathryn Milun

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"Kathryn Milun created and directs the Solar Commons project (solarcommons.org), an innovative plan to place solar energy collectors in urban right of way and hold the contract for electricity sale as a community trust that funds low-income housing. She is currently Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Cultural Studies at the University of Minnesota, Duluth (http://www.d.umn.edu/~kmilun/) where she teaches a course on The New Commons. She is also a Fellow at On the Commons, a national organization devoted to reclaiming the commons. (onthecommons.org ) In addition to articles, she has written two books on the commons: the urban commons in modern city planning (Pathologies of Modern Space: Empty Space, Urban Anxiety and the Recovery of the Public Self Routledge 2006); and the global commons in international law (The Political Uncommons: A Cross-Cultural Study of the Global Commons forthcoming from Ashgate in 2010)."

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