Jon Warnow on Open Source Activism

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"Jon Warnow is an online organizer and technology coordinator whose most recent project was Step It Up, a campaign to unite communities for on-the-ground action on climate change. In 2007, this web-based project helped to unleash the inner-activist in regular people by experimenting with a model of "open-source activism" that creates deeper engagement, an empowered constituency, and more effective results. By catalyzing and coordinating over 2000 synchronized off-line actions, the Step It Up campaign was able to channel the simmering concerns of a citizenry into a powerful, unified, politically strategic call to action.

Fresh out of college in Vermont, Jon is relatively new to the technology and non-profit scene, and is fascinated by both the hollow hype and the powerful potential of web-enabled activism. He's still doing his damndest to use the best of the web to get people to take effective action on the greatest challenge of our time--climate change. Currently, Jon and his co-conspirators are gearing up to launch an international campaign that harnesses our most promising technologies to build a truly global climate movement--and he wants you to help.

This show is a recording of Jon's presentation during the March 11th Net Tuesday San Francisco: Creating Successful Web Campaigns for Your Nonprofit." (