Jillian York on How the Internet Helped Shape the Arab Spring

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Video via http://liberationtechnology.stanford.edu/events/recording/7019/1/696/


"The Internet has served as a tool in the struggle for freedom in the Arab Spring uprisings, from Tunisia--where bloggers made sure the struggle was heard around the world--to Syria, where revolutionaries have used YouTube to fill in the gaps the mainstream media has been unable to report. Though not a catalyst, social media has nonetheless played a role in organizing and disseminating information from protests this past year, from Tahrir Square to Zucotti Park.

Jillian York has studied the powerful role of social media in the Arab Spring, as well as the drawbacks of these dynamic tools, and speaks to their use throughout the past year in the Middle East and North Africa." (http://liberationtechnology.stanford.edu/events/tools_of_change_how_the_internet_helped_shape_the_arab_spring/)