Janelle Orsi on the Role of Cooperatives in Resilience and Sustainability

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Video via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mdIy0VdDJSE


"Community-supported enterprise + cooperatives + local investing + social enterprise + local currencies + micro-enterprise + sharing ....these all adds up to LOCAL, RESILIENT ECONOMIES, that much we know. But it's difficult, even SCARY, to picture how we'll get there. The more our economy falters, the more we feel stuck: Stuck in jobs we don't like, stuck buying cheap unsustainable products, stuck patronizing the same huge corporations, stuck in traffic....

How do we get from stuck economy to resilient economy? With the help of lively cartoon images, sharing economy lawyer and Director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center, Janelle Orsi, will help us visualize some of the next critical steps and how a new sharing economy can ACTUALLY WORK."