James Robertson on Monetary Reform for the Mainstream Economy

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URL = http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tHs9xnuxLhU


"I was interviewed in March 2009 by Fred Harrison, who has been outstanding for his correct predictions of the present boom/bust crash. The film is below."

You can see other other films in the series at www.youtube.com/renegadeeconomist.


Download podcast at http://www.jamesrobertson.com/mp3files/jamesrobertson-editedinterview-mar09.mp3

"In March 2009, I did a telephone interview with Marian Farrell of Transition Derry (http://transitionderry.ning.com). The interview was about the need for mainstream monetary reform, what it would involve, and why it is important for local monetary, financial and economic decentralisation in Transition Towns like Derry and other places aiming for local sustainability." (http://www.jamesrobertson.com/videoandaudio.htm#audio)