James Cascio on the Participatory Panopticon

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James Cascio on the Participatory Panopticon

Podcast 1

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"Jamais Cascio, self-proclaimed freelance world-builder, has a bold vision for the future. He calls it the Participatory Panopticon, and it spells the end of privacy and the end of secrecy. While personal privacy is eroding, the ability of those in power to lie, cheat, and steal is also becoming increasingly impaired.

The term "panopticon" was coined by Jeremy Bentham in the 18th century for his model for a prison in which the inmates are watched at all times. This term has now been repurposed to describe a society in which everyone is being recorded and simultaneously is recording everything around them, a society we are creating today.

This keynote address from MeshForum delves deeply into the technology that has created "Sousveillance" (watching from below) - a kind of citizen photo and video patrol that watches the watchers. Discussing how camera phones could evolve into Personal Memory Assistants, Jamais Cascio paints a picture of a future where no one would ever forget anything and no activity would go unrecorded. The seeds of this imagined future exist now in current projects monitoring politicians and human rights abuses."

Podcast 2

Interview with RU Sirius

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