Invitation to Participate in the Collaborative Development of a General Theory of Relationality

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Daryl Taylor:

“A small team (Melbourne and east coast of Australia) have begun a focussed discussion about collaborating on the development of a ‘General Theory of Relationality.’

Starting with Adorno, we’re investigating shifts from a 20th C scientific-technical-industrial-instrumental rationality to a 21st C socio-ecological-egalitarian-empathic relationality.

We’ve begun by exploring discernible shifts and relational turns from the primacy of static and separate things (and its crises and consequences) to the primacy of dynamic-creative and reciprocal-empathic inter-relationships, contextual studies and neo-solidarities, that transcend and include things.

Kinda like a shift from … I think therefore I am .. to .. I link therefore I am .. we are .. etc

The core idea is to distill common principles, essences, language, practices, formulae and depictions of relationality

We share an interest in collaboration across all disciplines (the natural and social sciences, the arts and humanities) discourses, domains and practices (as well as new hybrid forms), and in documenting emerging practical exemplars and integrating ideas and linguistic, mathematical and other changes reflecting the emergence of ‘inter-being’, relational living systems, and critically, of contextuality, connectedness, collectivities and collaborative consciousness.

We have an interest in exploring the socio-political-economic and the cultural-ecological-cosmological implications of complementary shifts from domination/subjugation to partnership/co-creativity … from command and control to connectedness and collaboration … and … from tier upon tier to peer to peer.

We will be conducting some preliminary relationality gatherings in the coming months with a view to hosting a major generative workshop in Melbourne in September 2012.

We will be prototyping the development of an on-line collaborative platform, and international community, which will evolve in parallel with our face-to-face encounters.

We’d like to really open it right up once we’ve framed some initial questions, prompts, principles and opportunities.

We hope to model relationality in the development, distillation and dissemination of a General Theory of Relationality.

If any of your peers are interested in participating and contributing please encourage them to contact me?

We would certainly welcome initial thoughts, responses and critical and creative feedback?” (

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