Internal Transformation of Corporations

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  1. Essay: Internal Transformation of Corporations: The road to conscious capitalism. By Michael Thomas and Bill Veltrop



"The root cause of our widespread environmental, economic, and social issues is organizational design. Few of our complex organizations have been designed to be learning organizations or conscious, empathetic, self-evolving social systems. This design deficiency is at the heart of our global problems. Corporate metamorphosis to conscious capitalism – where corporations function for the world – needs to be an inside job. It will be initiated by corporate leaders because it is a superior business model and better serves the needs of all stakeholders. It can be catalyzed by well-designed external initiatives, and it can be confounded by poorly designed external initiatives. The coming just-in-time evolutionary shift will be driven by leaders who see that they can strengthen their organization’s financial sustainability by addressing rather than avoiding the major social, economic, and environmental challenges of the 21st century." (