Innovation Decentralization

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Simone Cicero;

"If anyone before others understood this phenomenon of innovation decentralization – from the hands of the producer to those of the user – was Eric von Hippel of MIT, creator of the concept of “User Toolkit for Innovation” to describe a set of, digital and contextual, tools to allow the user to support the same manufacturing company in search of new propositions for innovative value. In the words of Von Hippel these tools allow manufacturers to:

- “abandon their attempts to understand user needs in detail in favor of transferring need-related aspects of the development of products and services to users, with an appropriate toolkit”

Today we already see many contexts in which producers create tools for users to enhance, customize and innovate products. Beyond the most captivating experiments, often carried out by means of the web (again, the environment customization Motorcycle Maker it is a perfect example) a fascinating incarnation that is effectively to be considered is, for example, the design area, in all IKEA shop. In this controlled environment, created ad hoc, customers in create their own solutions to their problems of space organization and generate a continuous quantity of information that the company’s employees are able to pick, analyze and potentially embed." (