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= Political theory by a French author, proposed for the digital age

French version of explanatory text is copied to Infolibéralisme.

It is a new concept of political and monetary system, whose implementation will consist in software for Web servers that would provide new Internet functions.

English short presentation of the whole project is available at


From :

"The development of new Web functions would make it possible to build a new kind of political order of the society, as ideal as possible, by a flexible and effective method to ensure the respect of the general interest by preventing frauds and abuse as well as possible. Independent of any geographical division, based on the generalized principle of free adhesion and the only force of well-informed freedom, this new network of multiple and decentralized powers would make obsolete the traditional designs of State and powers."

It is a logical theory about P2P trust, involving databases or trust declarations to compute their connectivity, with special trust declarations called Powers (or delegations), and trials in the form of special forums to solve conflicts (contradictions between trust and complaint declarations).

English detailed presentation of the political part is available at

The implementation would start with a software called Trust-forum. Unfortunately it is stalled because of a lack of good programmers (while it would help find reliable people for any purpose once implemented). More programmers welcome !

Functions include a single sign-on solution called "global login system", where one account (login/pass, user panel centralising his data) at one host, lets a user be authentified to any peer host under serveral possible identites. This combines the advantages of trust and anonimity.

For the monetary part, the details are here.