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= Ecuadorian Information and Communication Network for Development

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" is the Ecuadorian Information and Communication Network for Development, formed by 19 organizations, whose mission is to promote the generation and exchange of information, methodologies, experiences and knowledge on information and communication technologies (ICT) for development, and foster multisectoral participative processes in public policy on this topic in Ecuador. This will reduce the duplication of efforts and present the potential for strategic use of these tools to achieve development goals in the country and in the world. supports to International Institute for Communication and Development National Programme (NP), which develops a series of ICT projects for development in different areas: agriculture, environment, governance, education, opportunities in life, etc. The Network supports these areas to create projects jointly, which help link the local, national, and global processes. The NP is also supported by a training component, EducaTIC ( that accompanies all processes of project formulation, implementation, and execution.

What are our objective?

  • Exchange information, knowledge, methodologies, and lessons learned on the use of ICTs for development.
  • Promote multisectoral participative processes in public policies on the use of ICTs in different sectors of development.

What are our activities and products?

  • Ecuadorian ICT Public Policy Observatory
  • Printed and electronic bulletin
  • Research, publications, and systematizations
  • Radio and video clips
  • Electronic forums
  • Workshops, seminars, forums, discussions, etc.

To whom does the Network address?

The work of the Network takes a local approach at the national level for Ecuador. It seeks the involvement of multisectoral actors (the government, private sector, and civil society). It also focuses on taking responsibility of ICT projects for development, directed towards politicians, decision-makers, and commentators; local governments; universities and educational institutions; international cooperation; local NGOs; the media (television, radio, and the press); and in general, the community involved and interested in knowing more about ICTs for development.

How to become part of the Network?

The membership is open to all organizations that share its objectives. If you are interested in being part of the Network, please contact the Secretariat and/or the Presidency of the Network.

About the Portal

The Portal consists of a new proposal based on all its experience, emphasizing its work in the local Ecuadorian scope with special attention to ICTs. The previous version of the Portal is available in its archives.

The Portal is built on Mambo, a free content management software for web publication, to facilitate maintenance of sites with frequent updates of the same type of information." (