Inaya Folarin Iman on the Need for New Narratives on Race

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Discussions focuses on the UK situation. Inaya is the founder of the Equiano project:

"This is a video of the premiere event of The Equiano Project where, with some distinguished guest speakers, we examined the question: Is it time to forge a new narrative about race?

Speakers: Katharine Birbalsingh, Trevor Phillips, Ayishat Akanbi, Helen Pluckrose, Dr Remi Adekoya

Host: Inaya Folarin Iman

The aim of the webinar was not necessarily to solve all of the race-related issues of Britain today (yet!), but to show that people, from a range of fields and backgrounds, have strong reservations about the current narrative about race and we propose potential paths towards new narratives.

Following the tragic killing of George Floyd by a US police officer in America, we have witnessed global protests against what is claimed to be ‘systemic racism’. However, so far, very little direction and intellectual clarity have emerged from these protests in the UK. This event seeks to bring that clarity by examining and unpacking the nature and scope of racism in Britain today and even whether it is time to forge a new narrative about race.

We will be asking the questions: How big a problem is racism in British society today? Is ‘race’ still a useful social category? Do notions of ‘white privilege’ help or hinder race relations? Why are black people in general still at the bottom of society economically? Individual behaviour or social structures: what impacts outcomes more? How important is freedom of speech in the debate about race? How do we move beyond this current moment?"

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