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Activist Bio

"From ruralc association i develop social and cultural activities on rural areas.

Last years we have been co-working hard in Montenoso, this project won a Honour Mention at Prix Ars Electronica 2014, in "Digital Communities" Category.

Let me explain a few particularities:

Montenoso promotes and revitalizes communal land communities (CMVMC) from Galicia. There are about 2,800 communities managing 640,000 Hectares. These communities are based on common management, breaking the public-private dichotomy. We have developed to connect these communities. This tool focuses on transparency, highlighting best practices, promoting discussions, events, and studies around this kind of self-government.

Just to show you some difficulties:

1)The representation system of CMVMC is not so equal. Most community members who are representing the house are old man. Many decide for al the house's members without consensus, regardless of the ideas of young people and women living in the house they´re representing. There is low participation of women, LGTBI+ and minorities in MVMC communities.

We speak about this questions and thanks to that some communities are trying to improve this situation.

2) Nowadays most of our rural areas are abandoned and aged. An important factor is the agro-industry, that continually faces "Capital" against "life and biodiversity". It also causes confrontation among neighbours and how they are positioned with the environment around them.

3) in our context, public policies are often a threat to the commons. Governments is complicit in the decline of biodiversity and the tangible and intangible heritage of rural communities." (Commonswatch mailing list, October 2016)