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URL = http://trustyfiles.com/help-iphantom.php


From the P2P Weblog at http://www.p2p-weblog.com/50226711/iphantom_delivers_maxiumum_internet_and_p2p_privacy.php

"The iPhantom by Phantom Technologies is a full solution for Internet and P2P privacy and security. A small device sits between your PC or broadband router and your Internet connection, such as cable, DSL, or dialup modem.. It automatically connects directly to the iPhantom servers and manages encrypted traffic. There is no software to configure. Just plug in the iPhantom. It automatically connects to the servers.

The iPhantom proxy service handles all your Internet traffic for anonymity. Internet users see only the iPhantom IP address, not your IP address. The service does not use Internet servers. It uses special appliances that cannot store your direct IP address and so provide the highest level of anonymity. The servers include a gateway that checks for viruses, spam, and intrusions for maximum security.." (http://www.p2p-weblog.com/50226711/iphantom_delivers_maxiumum_internet_and_p2p_privacy.php)

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