How Globalization and the Network State Transform the Insights of Poulantzas on the State

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* Article: Globalization, the knowledge society, and the Network State: Poulantzas at the millennium. By Martin Carnoy, and Manuel Castells. Global Networks (journal), Volume 1, Issue 1, Pages 1–18 ;January 2001



"In State, Power, Socialism, Nicos Poulantzas conceptualized a state that materializes and concentrates power and displaces the class struggle from the economic to the political arena. In the past twenty years, much has changed. We argue that economic relations have been transformed by economic globalization, work reorganization, and the compression of space, time, and knowledge transmission through an information and communications revolution. Knowledge is far more central to production, and the locus of the relation between power and knowledge has moved out of the nation state that was so fundamental to Poulantzas’ analysis."