Hotel Pasteur - Rennes, France

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GeCo Living Lab:

'The Hotel Pasteur is an historical university building located in the center of the city of Rennes, France. The building was the headquarter of the faculty of science and, then, of the one of dental medicine. When both faculties moved to the new University campus, the building remained abandoned. The building was thus occupied by a group of artists and people engaged in the cultural sector, which established a cultural center and a sort of “popular university of art and culture”. The occupation revitalized the building, which has been re-opened and became a center of cultural and educational activities. The community which had occupied the building started a long path of participatory projecting for the future destination of the building, where also institutional actors (such as the city of Rennes) took part. Hotel Pasteur is now a best practice of urban regeneration and culture in Europe and is managed through a very sophisticated participatory mechanism of governance, which sees together the community and institutional actors in the decisionmaking process on the use and stewardship of the good." (