History and Theory of Commons

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= DN7050 - History and Theory of Commons (2020/21), London Metropolitan University, School of Architecture and Design

URL = https://intranet.londonmet.ac.uk/module-catalogue/record.cfm?mc=DN7050&_ga=2.25642997.950642408.1593603712-399805655.1559566086

Course Description

  • As indicated in the description, this module will be a combination of lectures and seminars covering:

1. the historical context of the commons and their development; LO1,LO5

2. governing the commons; LO1,LO5

3. the role of design in the commons; LO1,LO5

4. cultural, digital and knowledge commons; LO1,LO5

5. urban commons; LO1,LO5

6. parallel discourses intersecting the commons; LO1,LO5

7. methods of co-production and participation;LO1,LO2,LO5

8. writing methods and ways of articulating academic text in accessible English. LO2,LO3,LO4

More information

Core Text:

Stavrides, S. (2016) Common Space: The City as Commons, Zed Books

Borch, C. (2015) Urban Commons : Rethinking the City, Routledge

Dellenbaugh, M. (2015) Urban Commons, Wiley

Ostrom, E. (1990) Governing the Commons, Cambridge

DeAngelis, M. (2017) Omnia Sunt Communia, Zed Books

Cederwall, J. and Moss, J. (2018) The Commons, Freerange Press

Bertacchini, E. (2012) Cultural Commons, Edward Elgar

Knapp, J. and Carter, J. (2007) For the Common Good, Praeger Publishers