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Organization promoting open knowledge and technology, based mainly in Argentina.

URL = http://www.hipatia.info


" Software without borders. Knowledge without frontiers, that is Hipatia. We strive to have free knowledge, in action for towns and villages of the world.

Hipatia came up as a spontaneous coordination of people from all around the world that share a vision and a goal. And the vision is to have a global knowledge society based on freedom, equity and solidarity. Manifesto of Hipatia outlines this vision in detail.

Hipatia people want to:

  • promote freedom of (and free sharing of) knowledge, as is the right of all human beings to access, use, create, modify and distribute knowledge freely and openly;
  • realize, favour and/or promote the sustainable diffusion of human knowledge.

To make this goals reality hipatia people promote:

  • public policies, human and social behaviours and outlook that favour free accessible, sustainable and sociable technology and knowledge;
  • solidarity in the use of knowledge in the framework of an economical and social model built on the principal of equality of all human beings in all the countries of the world."