Hellenic Linux User Group

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URL = http://hellug.gr/index.php/OSullogos/Tautothta?from=Main.HELLUG


"The Hellenic Linux User Group is a non-profit digital space which aims in spreading the Linux operating system, supporting its users in Greece and developing common knowledge on the area of free and open source software. Its laboratory in Kallithea, is a place which is open to Linux users and friends and many workshops, meetings, events and installfests take place. [Hellenic Linux User Group (HEL.L.U.G.) constitutes the official non-profit association aiming at propagation of the Linux operating system, support of Greek users and the creation of common base of know-how regarding Free Software in general.

The Laboratory is a place where the members of the association, but also any Linux users and friends, can meet, try and experiment with Linux and exchange their experiences. It's open for meetings, events, installfests and general activities. It's located in Kallithea."