Heather Marsh on Building a Co-operative Economy

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Podcast via http://www.nancywmendoza.co.uk/content/alternate-g8/heather-marsh


"The Key Note speech was provided by Heather Marsh, author of Binding Chaos and former editor of WikiLeaks Central. Heather’s speech focussed on the bogus value systems and culture created by the neoliberal economy we have today.

This was a stunning dissection of the ills of our current economy which separates people, punishes sharing, rewards pointless executive jobs over socially valuable work, removes ownership and control of production from the producers and hands it to parasitic organisations such as the financial services industry, governments and regulatory body." (http://scriptonitedaily.wordpress.com/2013/06/24/the-alternate-g8-inspirational-practical-ways-to-transform-our-world/)

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