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Post-Scarcity Political Economy

Ultimately this will produce a way we care for ourselves well without exchange trade currency. That is important to remind ourselves when we begin to feel as if one thing is an end or be all.

In addition: in terms of tax free basic income proposals grounded in rigorous exchange trade monetary theory, consult:

I suggest issuing a basic income similar to Cook's proposal by the State: in addition: an alternative basic income, perhaps instituted and shared by affiliated Hackerspace, Pirate Party, Global Justice Movement and other alter-globalisation communities, tentatively limited by measured material resources vs. workgroup or technical capacity.

Alternative basic income, issued as a micro-credit scheme, surfaces a financial commons when linked with known limitations of productive output. Ration units or gifted exchange trade currency is no longer required to surface an item within the wealth generating ecology: when: output exceeds use per outcome (or product) category.

The hackerspaces community shows a hint toward a model whereby small workgroups are self selected to ensure individuals within communities are able to produce for themselves, a method to recognize as: distributed personal (DIY) fabrication.

Mentioned was establishing two basic incomes simultaneously: one for the new commons-based economy: and the other to soften the collapse of the State onto a financial commons: weeding the kinks from newborn material wealth generating ecologies: for the forthcoming: universal free use commons.

This way: one basic income can drop as production falls onto an alternative and more strategic basic income as fabrication techniques are further applied to workgroup organisations: once launched as a viable relatively standardised model: very shortly after initiation: no income once output exceeds use per outcome.

"L" or able labor, multiplied by, "T" or time, multiplied by, "D" or demographic demand, minus, "P" or production technique, equals, "M" or labor/market exchange value 1


(L · T · D) - P = M

To adequately argue for a post-scarcity outcome, one must prove: labor must require zero time, or demographic demand must be fully met without labor, or labor must not be necessary.

1. Nathan Cravens. Free Markets and Free Use Commons

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